EasyKeys to Success


Easykeys88 stickers are “stabilisers for the piano”. Using them helps students familiarise themselves with the location and order of notes on the musical scale – freeing them up to concentrate on other aspects of the learning process.


The set of 52 x Easykeys88 music note stickers available to buy On-line:
88x Note Sticker Set for all the keys on your piano or keyboard or just use the 25 x key notes
– which incorporate the treble clef and bass clef either side of Middle C


The Sticker set is printed in classic black and white and is accompanied with an
easy-to-follow placement guide.


All stickers are waterproof and printed on smart, high quality white vinyl with a gloss finish to complement your piano or keyboard.


Eventually, when they’re no longer needed, Easykeys88 stickers can easily be
removed. The student having learned the key notes can now work towards becoming a confident player of their instrument.